7 Digital Marketing Ways You Can Sell Your Home Automation Products

Digital Marketing for home automation can sound like a piece of cake!


For any eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency selling products with respect to Fashion & Apparels could be very easy. There are lot of Digital Marketing Agencies that help clothing brands to reach their right audience through Social Media Ad Campaigns. There are few fixed strategies that can lead you to marketing success for your online apparel store.

When it comes to promoting a home automation eCommerce website or business it becomes very difficult. There are certain reasons that you and your client needs to understand and figure out. As such people buying household products searches for low priced yet effective product when it comes to home safety & decoration. Although it is marketed and spread across mouth to mouth that you should buy only good stuffs for home even if it cost more but people still go for what is cheap.

Digital Marketing Ways For Home Automation
7 Digital Marketing Strategy for Home Automation:

1. Listing Product Category

When you are selling home automation products there are numerous product range to deal with. But when it comes to advertisement you have to make sure always that you don’t over spend on ads for any product over it’s profit margin.

Listing down product category helps you to separate different products and allow you to list down their price separately. Once you do this you can focus more on ad spent for any product. For eg. If you are selling amazon alexa and smart capacitive switches separately by having one common ad group then you would acquire loss because both of these products are different in intent  and their prices too. Hence, it doesn’t make sense to run ads together.

Now, what you can do is package your product categories together such way that similar price range products can be marketing together. If you want to know more on how to list down product category.

If you’re Online Retailer then you need to read How Online Retailers can use Email Marketing to gain New Customers

2. Get An eCommerce Website

If you deal in more than 100 different product range, you need to get an eCommerce store your business. An eCommerce Website makes sense to build when you try to deal with huge inventory. This is because you don’t have to maintain a separate inventory of products for your business. 

With an eCommerce Website there are lot of possibilities to scale your business. You can easily categories your product and arrange according to pricing, feature, or by the demand of products and lastly the products you want to sell. When you go for social media campaigns an eCommerce website helps to optimize your product page and that can easy for conversion campaigns.

3. Setup Google Business Page

Even if you are having an eCommerce website and selling product online there few products that need physical setup when it comes to home automation unlike clothing and apparel business. This is why make sure you have a Google My Business Page so that products that requires physical touch like camera installation, touch switch setup and such products can be easily sold. People buy such products that are sold by a local seller or dealer. Also, Google My Business Page helps to increase your seo rankings for eCommerce Website


Since, we assume you’re having eCommerce Website so SEO is not that easy or can be fast compared to other business website. Home automation seo is becoming very difficult because this business niche is growing to fast. This industry started in 2015 and by 2019 it is a very competitive business niche with the help of startup funding and demand in luxurious living.

You have to accomodate more than 50 keywords for your website to target rest it depends on your budget and website depth. If you have your eCommerce Home Automation Website then please apply for our free audit.

5. Social Media Campaigns

The best place to promote your home automation business is on Social Media. What kind of campaigns can you run? Well, it’s all upon you, how you want to make your brand grow on Social Media. If you plan to grow your brand organically on Social Media then please don’t choose Facebook and if you don’t have some awesome strategy avoid using Instagram unless you can spend money on Influencer marketing.

If you want to generate some work through social media then you have to choose ad campaigns to generate want among your targeted audience. Remember social media is all about educating your audience or making them live their dream through you. If you can see some Famous Youtubers, those associated with Lifestyle vlogging you can see how products marketed through their channels have grown in revenue and brand. Talking about social media campaigns, you can go for paid campaigns or strategic collaborative advertisement. If you decide to play small and earn more then go and start running ads. But you have to be very smart while you advertise your products with location and daily budget.

6 Google Ad Campaigns

Google Adwords might become expensive when you choose this platform for your eCommerce Marketing. But if you go strategically then this platform could give you best returns on your ad spent. There are lot of features available that you can explore before you kick start your ad campaigns. Make sure you know this platform insight out before you start with your campaigns. The suggestion is that you hire digital agency to run your campaign and make sure they have campaign experience of minimum 1 lac of ad spent.

If you don’t create conversion friendly campaigns then there are possibilities that you would loose a lot of bucks.

7. Remarketing Ad Campaigns

Since you deal with products make sure people will click on your ad or will see your ad and might not land on your website or landing page. There are various reason for this that includes loading issues for your webpage to your price range. 

You have to be very transparent and have to research your competitor’s ad. What kind of ads are been run by your competitors and what price they are selling the products matter to you. Talking about remarketing, as the word suggest you have to retarget those people who clicked on your ad and landed to your website but didn’t make any purchase. See when any person lands on your website through ads it is very clear that people want that product or they are genuinely looking for that product. So, you have to retarget them again and again. This will help in marking an impression on your customers mind when he sees your ad again and again. It will force him to buy from you and you are all set to sell your product. Remarketing is available on Social Media Ads as well as on Google Adwords. 

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