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Here are the few questions that most of our clients want to know before working with us and therefore we have answered them fairly. If something is missing out please get into our consultation call.

General Queries

Digital Marketing is a set of techniques which occupies different form of online marketing as such Search Marketing, Display Ads, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and more.

Yes, definitely! You need to have a system in place before you start marketing your products online. Setup a call to know what kind of sales funnel you need to place.

Best way to reach to your targeted customer is describe your brand in writing. The more you write better are your chances to be found.

As often as possible, we suggest you to invest on content heavily. Not just in blogs but you need to invest in newsletter, email subscription and more. You need to create emotional emails to your customers.

Absolutely! You just need to create awareness by putting out educational content regarding your product so that customers can learn the use of the product you are trying to sell. Most importantly you need to put up content that user rely heavily on and it’s meaningful for them.

Conversion rates depend on the targeted country and the market that you’re tapping on. If it is related to fashion then conversion rates could be easily optimized by improving quality score and relevant ads.

Yes you can if you are small brand and starting of recently you can easily tap on marketplaces like Amazon. But if you’re looking to establish your brand then you need to promote your own online store. Contact us for free consultation on how to setup your new online store and manage unsold stock.

At present the best performing social media is Instagram and it would continue to do so till 2020. It is the best time to invest on Instagram as the ad spend value is lower compared to Facebook.

Just before the holiday season starts you can promote your brand through Google Ads, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads.

General Quires

Yes you can easily promote your men’s brand provided you setup a proper sales funnel.

The only way to get reviews is reminding your old customers how well your product connected with them or the best experience they had with your product.

Target audience selection is very important for any brand else you’re going to pay for wrong audience and you’ll gain no sales or revenue in return.

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Well audience is your important phase of your business when you are dealing online. You have to find out ways through which your audience keep connected.

Website Updates

E-commerce website should update their website regularly (Minor changes). The homepage should be updated seasonally. If its spring then your website should show spring sale not summer sale, sounds logical?

Yes you need to put on blog section where you list your amazing content that drives potential customers. Not just a blog section it should have the feature to embed videos, podcast and more.

As an E-commerce business owner all you need to know is that 70% traffic to your website comes from mobile devices and therefore your website needs to be loaded in mobile devices as friendly as on desktop. Users should find your website easy to access on their phones.