How Online Retailers can use Email Marketing to gain New Customers

This Article is dedicated to Online Retailers despite I am sure other industries in online market can learn to implement this advanced email marketing strategies to acquire new customers in 2019.

Before knowing about Email Marketing you need to know which are the different methods by which users come to your website. Most interestingly, there are majorly 3 ways a user lands on your website and they are by Googling, Adwords and Instagram Swipe Up & Bio link. This way they majorly land on your website for first time and there are chances that they won’t make any purchase in a single go unless you’re an established brand and your customer has made their mind today for online shopping. Email Marketing helps your customer to make a purchase at your site depending on few factors.

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For Successful Email Campaign You Need Strong Content Strategy


Emails work right when you have value in them. If you have nothing to say to your audience then don’t email them unnecessarily with your bragging product promotions. Else you’ll be unsubscribed. If you ask some top brands like NastyGirl, Reebok or Puma; they would tell you that a good foundation of content is required for a successful email campaigns. There are immense brand that have build customers from email signup. I’m going to share with you some quick tips that you need to implement on your website and on your email campaign.

1. Don’t Need to create E-mail Calendar.

It’s not required to create an Email Calendar for your campaigns. Your users doesn’t mind to get emails everyday from you unless you’re providing crap content. Make sure you help them to learn for free from your brand apart from pitching them your products. Imagine you’re a beauty brand and how likely it would happen if you shared a tutorial video on “apply face cream that keeps women oil free for 48 hours?” Yes you have all the room to share a video on the outbound emails and you can use simply embedding feature in MailChimp.

2. Use Signatures in Welcome Email.

By saying use signature in e-mail I don’t mean to say those regular business signature. Over here I’m trying to say, use the signature of the Founder of your organization in the welcome email. The first email that you send should be an addressing email from the head of the organization with his autograph. This helps to make a mark in your customer’s mind that the head of the brand is really concerned about their customers.

3. Tell them about your social handles.

The second step you should do with your email signup campaign is to tell your audience about your social media platforms you are available on and they can follow you to stay updated about your new things. Send them a glimpse of your Social Media Creatives that are performing really awesome.

4. Involve your email subscribers to social media contest.

Treat your email subscribers as your genuine customers because they have shown interest in your brand, content and products. Therefore, let these customers know about your social media campaigns first before anyone else. You can also use emails like – “Hey xyz, we’re revealing you all about our new social media contest that’s gonna come on this Friday before letting anyone else because you’re our true customer.”

5. Do not email randomly.

If you decide to send email once in a week then select a day like Wednesday. From now you should send emails only on Wednesday each week. You can send them some special emails about the new stock or discount offers apart from Wednesday.

6. Don’t use stock images.

We all know by now how you get those stock images for free and that’s the reason why customers don’t like your emails. Show them real humans, may be your fashion models.

7. Format of your email should replicate your brand.

Firstly, don’t use any dark background colour or fancy image tone in your email body. It hurts! Use mild colour combination that goes with your website’s design. Most importantly use the frame work that you’re using in print media.

8. Make sure your emails are responsive.

Your emails are mostly opened in Gmail App and therefore you need to know inside out about the layout structure of Gmail App. Your email should not cut off from the sides. Make sure your para is not broken.

9. Don’t use CAPITAL subject lines.

For humans it becomes harder to read capital subject lines unless it is within 50 characters. Therefore, avoid usage of entire capital subject line. Also, you can use at the most 1 emoji in the email subject. (It should be empowering ones and not shading emotions.)

10. Send personal message.

Your content draft should look like you’re talking to one single person and with your entire email subscriber list. Sending personal message meaning to use his or her first name. Reminding them their choice of products they liked and such other personal touch.

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