How to Go Global for Your ECommerce Brand

As we all know, shopping online from global retailers are becoming very common for all and that’s why many e-commerce companies are willing to expand to the global market. They are just looking for an opportunity to go global. It is expected that the global eCommerce sales would increase around 250-280 percent and it would hit the $5.35 trillion mark.

It is true that if a business wants to grow up to the international markets, then it needs an immense amount of research, planning and so preparations. Not every online business should expand globally as some businesses have the product which is restricted to local use and some products are not that much popular in the international fashion marketplaces.

But, if you are confident that your brand has that capability to stand out in the international market then it is possible to go globally. Let’s see how exactly to get started. There are four simple steps to launch your brand into the global markets.

Invest in Global Friendly Website

It is obvious that your eCommerce website is going to place a very vital role in the success of your global expansion. Therefore, the user interface of the website must be appealing to your new users as you begin to expand to further markets. The website should also be optimized for the international business market standards. You should know very well that which are the essential features for a smooth CX.

The best strategy for a business to get expand in the global market is to partner with an international platform like Shopify as it is designed specifically for the global reach. Make sure, it has features of location settings to customize the website for the places from where your customers are shopping. Because everything needs to be changed for different markets like the language, the price, the shipping rates, etc., so it is better to go with the one which could adjust all the changes automatically.

Another important thing for an eCommerce website is how quickly your website loads in different countries. Suppose, if your main server is in the USA and a user opens the website from UK, it could take several minutes to load the website. Because of this you could easily lose your one customer. According to the studies, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, around 63% of the users would exit from there and jump to another website.

Using a hosting with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) will help to speed up your website. It helps to distribute your pages globally through a connected network of cache servers and will load your pages quickly.

Gather a Diverse Marketing Team

The most important part of going global is to gain brand recognition. In order to start getting profit from the international sales, you need to build your brand as soon as possible. But, for putting your name in the top global markets, you will need specialized marketing strategies.

For this, find out a globally minded marketing team that has experience of facing such challenges and highly knowledgeable about every international target market. For each market, the audience needs, demographics and preferences will be different. Make sure that the team has an understanding of the culture and customer behavior within your target market.

Quality Assurance

Another important thing that international brands run into is consistent experience. No matter where your customers are, they just need consistency in your product and in your customer services as well. However, with the lower price, the product also would be with lowest quality. So, if you are providing a product with even lower prices and quality than other brands, it would surely hurt your brand reputation and you would also receive negative reviews. So, find trustworthy global partners to work with to handle assurance of not only your products but also your services.

It is very important to provide the best service and support to your global clients. For this you could hire an experienced team of international customer service providers who could speak different languages for your global customers. Because if they are not trained properly, they could also ruin your business reputation with inappropriate service.

Make sure you check out the reviews of your product and regularly communicate by replying to the queries of the customers. Keeping this habit would surely grow your business and also make it more trustworthy.

Track Progress Relentlessly

Going global can be a tad of a hazard, particularly if your image name is relatively unknown in new markets. There is consistently an opportunity that things will essentially not work out or start gaining. So, it is important to track your numbers consistently to improve the areas to make sure that this global expansion is the best move for your company.

Of course, sales numbers are an essential metric to keep track of your progress but other numbers will surely identify the gaining acceptance of your brand and how it is going in global markets. Website traffic, social media followers, sales and your repeated buyers will show that your customer flow is improving and your brand is showing up in the new international market.

Remember, it can surely take some time to show good results, but yes, if you go the right direction you will get fantastic results. If your brand is struggling in specific region, don’t worry the market is so big and you should look elsewhere. Thankfully, in eCommerce and online selling, if business does not work in one country, try another.

Going global is a fantastic adventure and you can definitely expand your brand in many ways. Before starting, make sure you do lots of research and find the best market for your product and prices. Invest in the tools which are needed for your brand and focus on consistency and quality of the product to give your customers a delightful experience.

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