Which are the platforms that drives most of the sales for Online Retailers?

Reaching out to your right audience can lead to new possibilities, right?


You might know by now that it is next to possible to reach out the right audience for your retail business with organic means of marketing. Once Facebook was a medium to promote our business online. But as days past Facebook attracted lot of new users and their platform begin to populate and therefore now they have completely changed their algorithms. You’re not going to gain any organic reach. This means Facebook is not delivering your posts and images among your friends. Having said that online business had turned into Facebook Business Page. But we all know what’s the situation of these Facebook Business Page specifically their engagement rate. Dripping engagement rate has led Facebook to switch their ad platform statement from Get X likes by spending X amount to Get X amount of post reach by spending X amount of budget.

Brands like Saylor, Amanda Uprichard, Loeffler Randall and more are also struggling with their Facebook Business Page engagement. This is not just with them but all the Retail & Online Retailer business out there. Choose any brand, check their Facebook follower stat and then check their post engagement. If a brand has 50k followers then their post likes and comments would anywhere between 500 like and 25 comments respectively.

Checkout a brand analysis we did:

44,868 followers and their latest post like is just 13. 

Most of the Retailers are asking questions that which is the best platform to market?

One more question assigned with it is that is Facebook dead? Can’t we gain customers through Facebook? The right answer is that if you money in your pocket Facebook is certainly for you else you can find other channels to market your ecommerce business. Have you asked your retail marketing agency to tell you which is the right platform to market your e-commerce agency? Send us there answers by commenting below.

The right platform to market your ecommerce business is right here:

We recommend to use all the channels that are available to promote your brand. Which consists of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat, Email Marketing. For newbie entering into retail sector is not a tough time for them if they really understand their audience mindset and their reaction towards creatives of fashion brands or other apparel brands. It has become highly important to analyse your customer persona before crafting your digital campaigns.

When you hire traditional digital marketing agency to handle your online marketing campaigns you’re often missed out a document or a report that is highly important. It is the called Customer Persona. Generally, your marketing agency hand you over few documents like Timeline Document, Competitor Analysis of your brand, Website technical audit report and other not so relevant documents as compared to customer persona. It is important to understand your customer’s personality and choice before crafting a marketing campaign that focus customers.

Our top 4 marketing platforms recommendation


1. Instagram

Users of Instagram are hungry of bright and positive feeds. If your brand connects with a brighter side of the audience then we are sure your brand engagement would be on 72% higher end. Bright colours do matter, they would attract users towards your post and your followers feed can often have your post coming up.

You still have the room to work around paid ads. Instagram app would continue to dominate social media till 2022 and this has been stated by top marketing agency owners. You can easily start paid promotion on Instagram because it provides different zones where you can promote your content like Post Promotion, Story Promotion & Feed Promotion. You can have less ad spend when you target your users through Instagram stories as it allows you to use the premium swipe up feature that is otherwise not available if you haven’t cross 10k followers. The takeaway is that you have to create content that is meaningful for your audience and not just for your brand, be consistent on your topics and produce content regularly. You can play around the numbers you post but importantly you have to post strategically so that you often appear in the feeds of your followers.

2. Youtube

What? Youtube? Video content? Oh that would be really expensive alright, we can’t afford! Well, that’s the case of most of the brands out there who are not that successful in customer engagement. Therefore, it is the time to stay ahead of your competitors because what your competitors are not practicing can give you a significant impact on your business if you start doing them.

Youtube is a popular platform where your customers hang out after Instagram. Users on Youtube are loyal to their subscriber and these Youtubers could be a loyal source to attract customers for you. You have to be strategic with your content marketing and influencer management for your brand.  You could definitely see ads coming around videos that you play on Youtube. Now think that you can have your video ads over there too. But you need to figure out content that prevents users clicking the “Skip” Button.

3. Amazon Marketplace

Right now you can say that Amazon has a brilliant global presence with strong selling network due to its quality driven product and focus on customer experience. People are eager to make a purchase on Amazon compared to any other marketplace and we know how important role does these marketplaces contribute in online sales.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000.” – Amazon

If you work with amazon your customers are going to definitely experience true customer services, just you need to provide quality product to brag about your brand. You can get lot of customer generated content in the form of text reviews, real time product images from product delivery end, video testimonials, Instagram story mention and lot more.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is not dead, okay. Facebook has another platform where you can open your own online store and list your products out there. It is a great option rather alternative for online retailers to choose between Facebook Page and Store. Facebook store is certainly for retailers and therefore users coming into that section would either buy a product or has an intention to buy specific product shortly. So, it might directly help you to increase your conversion rate and a positive impact on your sales chart.


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