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Can Shopkap Ban Me Selling Products Here?

Shopkap reserves the right to Ban/Pause/Terminate the seller & it’s product or part of its products from the platform if they find any dispute related to product, quality of product, quality of shipping, regular delays in delivery, misbehave with customers, use of foul language with customers or team mates of Shopkap or Shopkap’s third-party agencies. In-case of spreading negative image of Shopkap & its associates will lead to suspension of the seller and it would also lead to not settle the account with the seller along with legal course of action would be initiated. In no situation seller is empowered to spread any negative feedback/review of Shopkap & its associate not limiting to the team members but it’s other affiliations. Shopkap reserves the right to terminate & suspend your products or seller account (if facility provided) without any prior intimation.