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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopkap also emerged from small business background and therefore the operational team at Shopkap has immense respect for our small business owners who are our essential partners. Therefore, Shopkap ensures that it transfers your earning in a timely manner. However, there might be chances that at some point of time your payment may get delayed to technical reasons. In that situation you can reach out to your assigned POC and communicate with them about the situation. Your POC will assure your timely payments.

Shopkap is a growing ecommerce platform that provides our business partners an ecommerce platform to list your products with all the details and informations that your customer seeks. When your customer contacts you on Instagram or Whatsapp and inquire about your products you can always share your product link directly to them for further assistance. Moreover, Shopkap will promote your products on its social media handles by creating creative image posts. However, Shopkap won't be creating any reels for your products but would like to share reels created by you or by your customers & tag your social media handle. As per Social Media Experts & Marketing Professionals, the more your product is visible to your customers result in more sales. This is the reason why the brands do collaboration. When you agree to list your product on Shopkap, we would lay additional charges on your rates and not from what you earn; meaning - let's assume you are selling a herbal eyeliner for Rs. 199/- at present, we would list the product with our price tag by a certain percentage of increase. Suppose your current product that you charge is of Rs. 199/- would increase to may be Rs. 250/-. The increase in the listing cost would be decided by our sales managers & is subjected to Shopkap's decision. However, you would be paid the same amount that you are charging i.e. Rs. 199/-. The major benefit here is that we don't compromise with your profit margin.

Shopkap never demand its seller partners to reduce their profit margin and hence this is the prime reason that Shopkap levy additional charges. Morever, there is a cost associated to manage your products on the website & promote your products on social media handles of Shopkap by utilising man resources.

No, when a customer shops for your product and choose to pay online through our payment facility then you are not paid on the same day. Basically at the end of the month or at the start of the next month you get paid. For instance, your product was purchased by 3 customers on 5th of March, 2022, 7th March, 2022, 31st March, 2022 then you will receive the collective payment on or by *5th of April, 2022. *The payment dates may vary depending upon the third-party payment settlements. We have partnered with Razorpay and they have a policy of payment settlement. Once we receive the payment from Razorpay we shall initiate your due amount by T+2.