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How to Style High Waist Jeans in Different Ways

How to Style High Waist Jeans in Different Ways

It’s no secret that the low-rise jeans trend has been booming lately, with bloggers and celebrities both flaunting them endlessly. But let’s face it – low-rise jeans aren’t for everyone, and they definitely don’t rank that well in the versatility department. It’s safe to say that most of us are still very much obsessed with high-rise jeans! The reasons for this are many, but let’s start with how flattering these jeans really are. They shape your torso quite well and also accentuate your curves. While low-rise jeans can be limiting, high-rise ones can be paired with a plethora of things. But if the question is how to style high waist jeans, then look no further than this blog for the answer. Here, we’re letting you in on several ways to wear your favorite pair.

What do you wear with high-waisted jeans?

High-rise jeans present multiple styling opportunities, but we can find ourselves in the middle of a dilemma regardless. The key to acing the look is knowing exactly what types of high waisted jeans work for you and then working your way from there. A number of renditions such as skinny, bootcut, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, distressed, etc. are available to choose from. All you gotta do is turn to a fashion app you trust and hit the checkout button after you’re sure about the silhouette you want.

Now, let’s decode the various pairings right down to which top is suitable for high waist jeans and everything in between!

1. High-Waisted Jeans With Crop Top

High-Waisted Jeans With Crop Top

Remember every time you talked yourself out of wearing a crop top simply because you thought you wouldn’t look good in it? It’s time to put your doubts in the trash because with high waist jeans, anyone can rock women’s crop tops! From cute lace-up types to basic cut-out tees, anything that’s ‘cropped’ will prove to be your best bet. What we love most about this combination is that it pretty much fits into any casual dress code, whether it’s brunch or dinner, or just a visit to the cafe.

Expert Tip: To make things more interesting, sport a sensual crop top with high heels and skinny high waist jeans for a date with your crush. Rest assured, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you! This also works if you wish to particularly draw someone in at college, but trade your bags for a sleek backpack, and your heels for strappy flats.

2. How To Style High Waist Jeans With Sports Bra

High Waist Jeans With Sports Bra

A lot of us love the comfort and support that a sports bra brings in! But did you know that your favorite one can also double up as top wear? Don’t limit that bad boy to the gym; instead, flaunt it with your best pair of high waist jeans for making a standout style statement. This one might be a little occasion and place-sensitive so keep that in mind before you slip it on and step out. The wider bands and straps give it a top-like feel, bringing sportiness and edginess to your #OOTD. From bootcut to mom jeans, skinny to baggy, everything goes with this versatile activewear piece.

Expert Tip: Since most sports bras are sweat-absorbent, this will also make for a great summertime combination. It’ll limit you to just one layer of clothing, and isn’t that amazing? No more itchiness or irritation lent by your regular bra! Besides, your style game will touch new heights too.

3. How To Style High Waist Jeans With T-Shirts

High Waist Jeans With T-Shirts

There’s nothing more classic than a t-shirt and jeans combination. These days, we’re siding by high-waisted denim though, in place of mid-rise ones. This is simply because the high waisted pairs present the opportunity for our quirkiest women tshirts to be tucked in. Say goodbye to all the times you’ve had to make quick trips to the washroom just to ensure your tee stays inside and in place, as opposed to bunching up at your torso.

Expert Tip: Bring out women’s tie and Dye tshirts from the back of your closet to wear with these flattering bottom wear essentials. From cute patterns to band depictions, add a hint of your personal style to this look for it to be a total winner. Choose to knot up your tees, tuck them in or leave them out. Either way, you know this is a combination you can always trust if you need to put something on at a moment’s notice.

 4. High-Waisted Jeans With Bralette

High-Waisted Jeans With Bralette


Since bralettes became a full-blown concept in the fashion world, we haven’t stopped going gaga over them! They’re absolutely chic, super cute, or hot depending on the design, and always manage to leave a lasting impression no matter where you go. What else can one demand from an item of clothing? With a plethora of playful elements and sometimes even sensual ones, the bralette is an easy 10 when paired with high waisted jeans. So when the question of how to style high waist jeans arises, just search your wardrobe for that one bralette that you adore most.

Expert Tip: You can wear this combination at home for one of your ‘feeling pretty’ moments when you have no deadlines to make on the weekend. But if you do choose this as a couch companion, make sure your jeans are anything but skinny fit! No matter how great they look, you don’t need that kind of constriction when you’re trying to unwind.

5. High-Waisted Jeans With Off-Shoulder Top

High-Waisted Jeans With Off-Shoulder Top


The off-shoulder top trend hit the runways a long time ago and it hasn’t gone anywhere. Instead, it’s only seen various transformations over the years, whether it’s in the Indian wear space or western wear genre. It mixes cute with fun and that’s just one of its many attributes. Paired with high waist jeans, it almost always looks great. Provided, you pick your top right. If you’re slightly on the bustier side, stay away from frills or layers on the chest and keep it simple. On the other hand, if you want to add more volume, then nothing like a few ruffles to up your game.

Expert Tip: You can also go for bootcut jeans if you wanna move away from the skinny pairs and experiment a little when it comes to how to style high waist jeans. Besides, they do a great job of shaping up your torso and your legs and you wouldn’t want to miss out on THAT!

We hope we’ve covered every question you had about how to style high waist jeans, and can now not wait to go and flaunt these combinations!

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